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Write With Us!

Submissions for our blog are open all year round, and submissions for our journal are open until 31 January 2024. Please apply through our online form with the required documents (found below).

 To submit a review or research article: 

  • If you are writing a new piece of work, please submit an article proposal (approximately 500 words) as well as an academic writing sample. This may be an essay completed as part of coursework, an article for a student newspaper, or a personal blog piece. Article proposals should succinctly summarise the aim and structure of the article.

  • If you are submitting a piece that you have already written, such as an essay completed as part of coursework, please submit an abstract and the bibliography in place of a proposal.


 To submit a blog articles or book review: 

  • Those interested in publishing a blog article should send a summary (maximum 500 words) of the proposed piece.

  • Those interested in publishing a book review should send a summary (maximum of 6 sentences) about the book and its significance.


In each case, your submission will be reviewed by our editorial team, and we will be in touch via email. If successful, you will be given further instructions and a new deadline for the submission of the final draft.


Please read the Guidelines for Contributors before making a submission. Feel free to email us at (or drop us an instagram dm @lsewebster) if you have any questions!

Essay Competition

To mark the centenary of the birth of James Baldwin, the great African American writer and civil rights activist, in August 2024, the Webster Review of International History will host its inaugural essay competition aimed at UK undergraduates and UK Sixth Form students. 


This competition invites students to critically engage with the themes of race and gender in their past and contemporary development, reflecting James Baldwin’s status as a Black, queer icon, and his relevance both in his own time and in the modern day.


Cash prizes will be awarded to the top 3 entries in both the University and Sixth Form categories. Winning entries will also be published on the Webster Blog. 

Please visit the links below for more information!

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